As youngster, he has strived to go beyond boundaries with his professional service providing  company “XYZ ARROW .”

A closer look around us will definitely give us a broader picture of how a few individuals and professionals across industries and sectors of the world have thrived over the years. The digital space specifically is one which so far has welcomed innumerable talented beings, out of which we saw the rapid rise of a young professional, marketer, and entrepreneur named ASWINI KUMAR PATRA, CEO  & founder of XYZARROW. He has been able to make a unique name for himself in the startup consulting space  for his strong self-belief and his persistence to become a rising name in the industry.

As a young Indian talent of only 26 years of age, confesses how from his growing-up years, anything that ever attracted him the most with startup and  entrepreneur world. He realized the true power and potential of the entrepreneur and startup culture to increase economy of the country and increase direct and indirect employment and decided to be a part of the industry right then. Today the 26-year-old, who hails from a small village of Odisha , India, has attained much expertise and experience multiple services like Human resources, Fundraising, Real estate, Design and manufacturing, web development, etc.. He says that he has placed his bets high in the startup ecosystem, for he believes that it is something that can truly change the business scenario of the world if done right. With the right kind of marketing mix, strategies, techniques, etc., people and businesses can reach exponential levels of success that they truly seek in their respective industries.

Today, the young talent serves as the CEO & Founder  of XYZ ARROW, The team at xyz arrow , under the able leadership of Aswini , is driven to provide massive growth to each of their clients across the globe , which has what led the company to reach higher success levels even in a short span of time.


  • How difficult was the decision to reject high salaried job in abroad  ?

Directors answer: “As I have mentioned a couple of times, I always wanted to do business not a job, I always do create jobs hence it wasn’t that difficult but yes I would call it Blind Daring or Ridicules & Crazy attempt considering the Social Responsibilities and Age.”

  • What’s the biggest risk that you’ve ever taken and how did it turn out?

Taking a risk on the service market in Infront of so many global competitors was a big challenge. The biggest risk was Family, as my father passed away during my graduation so I was the only person to take care of my family, I started impulsively but realized Entrepreneurship has a huge cost but after XYZ ARROW! I talked to myself, Calculated, and realized, It is worth taking pain for a couple of years, If succeed, It all will be for my Family only not only that, I may end up doing it to 10000+ families indirectly by creating Jobs and There was an inner voice, If I can’t push myself to chase my dreams, How would I encourage the upcoming generation to do the same. It has not yet turned out, but it is giving me Inner Peace and Satisfaction now which is enough to drive me.

  • Director explains about complete services in his words as below:

We at XYZ arrow impart quality services for business consulting which includes 

  • M&A
  • Foreign Direct Investment
  • Foreign Institutional Investment
  • Start-up consulting (including investment banking)
  • Growth stage consulting
  • Business restructuring and transformations

Apart, we facilitate other services such as:

  • Web-based services 
  • Legal services
  • Business development services
  • Design and manufacturing services
  • Wholesale trading
  • Event planning
  • Real estate services
  • Freelancing services
  • Manpower consulting
  • Old vehicle modification
  • Industrial and hydraulic oil supply
  • What is the USP?

According to him their forte is to provide maximum services under a single roof with quality and competitive prices.

Directors’ words: “ We believe in quality with cost-effectiveness paved by a team of experienced and focused members trying to provide maximum services under a single roof.”

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