Yes, you heard it correctly. Mr Shubham Mahajan, the managing partner of Mahajan Global and now the founder of an Edutech firm PrepSmart does go about his business in a different way. He feels that all work and no activities that keep you fit and happy in startup life actually hamper your results and doesn’t recommend on to follow chores in a boring manner.

He follows a hectic schedule yet with an astonishing balance of the activities that he likes to do during the week. He is an academy player at TCRA, which is headed by Mr Rohan Pawar, who is immensely experienced in cricket and coaches future cricketers right from basic to professional level. Mr Rohan Pawar has a unique coaching methodology wherein he makes a student think as a sportsman so as to when to do what and why to do it, which is very essential in cricket. 

“I always loved cricket and was mesmerized by the glory of this beautiful game right from my childhood, but in the long run, because of education and then career, I could not really give much time to any of the activities I liked. Hence, I decided to go for cricket”, said Shubham Mahajan. “TRCA has kept me on my toes. Everyday practice with balanced exercises, stretching, warm-ups and drills. I feel much fitter and fresher than before not only because of all the exercises and all but also because of these sports that I love playing.”

Shubham Mahajan, who is an entrepreneur, has recently started his educational venture PrepSmart to cater to students’ need for high-quality education. It is a big pain point in the country watching students shed lakhs of money on coaching institutes and yet not get what is promised and end up wasting their years. He focuses on extreme personalized attention and simple to understand concepts which has brought attention from Mumbai, Delhi, Nagpur, and students from various parts of India. It is Shubham’s passion to teach students in his free time, and hence he is utilizing it to his best

Sadiya, a student of Shubham sir preparing for CAT, said,” He is really an excellent teacher, as he teaches us in an effortless way. We can solve the problem efficiently and not be scared of it to crack. he makes the teaching fun and easy to understand.”

Niyati, a CAT student from Nagpur, said, “You make a huge impact in our journey. You truly care about your students and prepare them towards their dream.”

And Yogita from Delhi, preparing for MAB entrances with sir, said, “I really like the way Shubham Sir teaches. The approaches he uses are fantastic. Also, the way he motivates us is amazing. Learning here is not just learning, but fun too.”

We can learn from here that Shubham is not only a person who has been the CEO of en edtech then managing partner of a food company. Now, he is relishing various activities that make him happy. With PrepSmart, he pledges to change the life of at least 20k students per year by revolutionising the education system that is getting more commercial and less educational.


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