A journey to words society and social cause by Santosh. New NGOs registered with vision 2033

In 2012 Mr. NVS Santosh Kumar started his NGOs Spark and Glow Foundations in Hyderabad by providing HIV awareness and education sports ..etc. in 2016, He registered society in Andhra Pradesh called Nagaralu welfare Society and worked on medical camps, and education, skill development in 2020 he registered seven sections 8 NGOs in different places with different teams worked on skill development women empowerment LGBT awareness and medical camps now he hands over that NGOs to new team members to take it further .. as he is passion and dream to work on education, anti-corruption, health and animal care he registers his own NGOs. 

1. Antico Squad Foundation, which is a major focus on anti-corruption, human rights, LGBT, and Legal services 

2. AP-NAGARALU SANGAM ASSOCIATION which is working on skill development, human rights, medical care, and animal care 

3. Dwaramai Divine Foundation, which is a major focus ok education, school, college, and skill development. Already the Scholl and skill development center is running in Nagole Hyderabad

The parent’s NGO for the above is nagaralu welfare society.

In 2020 for his services, he got away from the UK as a star in 2020 and 2021, and he got an honorary doctorate award from the UK and one honorable from India University.

He saves transgender people by providing skill development and medical program and supporting a few shelters by providing ration every month. 

As COVID time continues, he supports providing food in the old-age orphanage and roadside every day along with the team.

He and his team got recognization and awards. Now he is called Dr. NAGOTHI VENKATA SATYA SANTOSH KUMAR. He completes His BCA, LLB, and MBA. He had 16 plus years of experience in the public and government sectors. He is working for MNCs, and he donates half of his salary to his own NGOs to support events as he dont collects car funds. 

Santosh team and co-founder of the NGOs

Smt Sandhya R L Co-founder and director 

Shri Lingipilli Ramakrishna, co-Founder, and director 

At Naga Srilatha .M Director

Dr. Aniket B, Director and Legal cell

Shri M Venugopal Director 

Shri Ch.Ravikanth Chowdary Director

Smt. Swathi M Director

Shri Prakash Nagothi Director 

Smt Bhashani Director

Smt. Bhoomika Harkoti.

Dr. Divya, chairperson & Cybercrime expert.

Shri Manoj Kumar, SI, GCP, Chennai 

All over India supporting team is available in Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Karnataka, Tamilnadu, Maharastra, Goa, Delhi, and Kerala.

Dr. N V S Santosh, L Ramakrishna, and Smt Sandhya aim to work on social causes, human rights, and anti-corruption and Drug awareness camps. The NGO’s trainee around 150 plus women batches supported by providing self well training and 3000 plus people trainee on skill development and supporting some Transgender centers and old age centers by providing ration and support and from 2016 to till date 20 medical camps run in rural and urban areas. And every year, supporting free books to 200 plus students.

The aim of the NGOs is very clear to bring transparency to work on the social cause as well aim to work all over India. Dr. Santosh will register the above NGOs in 2022. The old seven sec 8 NGOs working on social causes the same were handed over to new teams, and Dr. Santosh regained that seven NGOs. Santosh and the team are aimed to run the above 3 NGOs with a vision n mission for the next 20 years. We are ready to work on CSR Projects and government schemes as we have 80G and 12AA CSR1. Our vision and mission are clear. We welcome more young leaders, law students, and the young team for our Antico Squad Foundation and other NGOs.

Santosh always says one whatever we earn, give some percent to society that is equal to serving God directly. Instead of wasting money on pubs and smoking ..etc. if we use some 20 percent to develop our society it helps to change things…
Website: www.anticosquad.org

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