A big entrepreneurial start-up based laundry service

Iron Feel Company provides free pick up and drop service for you. What was the purpose behind starting Iron Feel Company as a Startup by the owner of the company Mr Uday Ashok Pawar, his early year’s struggle & also how he became profitable?

The concept of the Iron Feel laundry service was in his mind for many years. His saying was such that we should do business such that it starts in the morning and ends at night, which means that we should do the business of everyday use and which can run for 365 days because if we do seasonal business, then there are many things in it. All problems can arise. He knew that there are iron service people under every building, so this concept came to his mind, and he felt that it was like doing business. But he did not have any elementary knowledge about business. But he wants to start this business with a new corporate look and with new thinking. This thinking was enough to start the business. At the same time, in metro cities like Mumbai, his company automatically became popular among the people through word-of-mouth publicity.

To give this business a corporate look, he also started a free pick up and dropped service, and along with that, he also included services like sofa and carpet cleaning, steam press, shoe cleaning. He notices one thing in this business: people give clothes to the laundry, then some customers tie the clothes in the odhani, and some hold them in their hands. This traditional look also changed, and now every customer’s dresses come in his unique bag, and he gives this facility to the customers for free. Laundry means pressing the clothes and delivering them to the customer. They came out from this traditional concept. After washing the clothes, they do a compulsory steam press, put a hardbound sheet in the middle of them, and keep the clothes in a plastic bag, making the clothes look new. He has held the charge of this service significantly less.

In the same way, his fame started increasing, and gradually his business started being discussed in the present papers. Not only this, but his interviews began becoming popular in news channels as well.

Iron Feel also campaigned for the safety of every customer by giving masks to every customer to protect people from Covid-19 on the occasion of Rakshabandhan and to create awareness of their health. Due to which his fame increased among the people, and a feeling of love was awakened.

Such a very young boy from Mumbai who has brought a change in Ironing and Laundry service with one of his ideas and has been able to run this business and has also achieved success.

So this startup set an example that you don’t need tons of money to start a tech-based startup. Bootstrap can also help to turn your idea into a revolution.





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